Thursday, 22 January 2015

Summaries of keynotes to be presented at the workshop

[in alphabetical order]

Dialogism: sequentiality, positioning, plurality, and historicity in the analysis of educational practice - Click here
Dr Juan Manuel Fernández-Cárdenas
Tecnológico de Monterrey, MX

Public school as learning communities: Exploring how teachers learn collaboratively - Click here
Dr Manuel Flores Fahara
Tecnológico de Monterrey, MX
Dr Guadalupe Rodríguez Bulnes
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, MX

Analysing classroom dialogue across cultural contexts and developing dialogic teaching supported by interactive technology - Click here
Dr Sara Hennessy
University of Cambridge, UK

A sociocultural model to promote children's literacy practices - Click here
Dr Rebeca Mejía-Arauz
ITESO University, MX

STEM Education in a globalised world: complexities and contradictions - Click here
Dr Catherine Montgomery
University of Hull, UK

Dialogue as an end of education as well as a means of education - Click here 
Prof Rupert Wegerif
University of Exeter, UK