Friday, 30 January 2015

Cash machines and activities on Thursday afternoon / evening

Dear all,

You might find useful to know that you can pay the taxi at the airport terminal with credit card. Also, there are several cash machines located at the different airport terminals. You may be arriving at terminal A or B, depending on which airline you are traveling with, and in both terminals you will find these services.

Also, you will find banks and cash machines located in the shopping centre where the hotel is located. See and .

On Thursday afternoon we are planning a sightseeing of Fundidora Park ( see ). Weather permitting, we will take a boat to go through Santa Lucía canal or we will go to the science museum at Horno3 ( see ). These are very interesting places to visit, and are part of the main attractions of Monterrey. Dinner will take place also at Fundidora Park.

So, Thursday will be a long day, having an early start, visiting schools, returning to campus, and then spending the afternoon / evening at Fundidora Park. Please ensure bringing your vitamins for extra energy during the week ;–) We are sure it will be a very nice experience for everybody.

Warm regards,

Manuel and Catherine