CV Lupita Rodriguez

Ma. Guadalupe Rodríguez Bulnes holds a Ph. D. in Education from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, an  M.A. in Higher Education Teaching and a B.A in English/Spanish Translation from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León  (UANL).

She is a full time professor in the Language Sciences Department at UANL. Her teaching focuses on foreign language teachers’ education and professional development, practice teaching and research methodology.

Her publications address topics in the areas of a) foreign language teaching (English, Spanish and French), b) Profiles of language educators and English language teachers in public schools in Mexico, schools as learning communities and c) intercultural competence and intercultural community centres in marginalised areas of Monterrey.

She has participated in some joint-projects between TEC de Monterrey and UANL: Schools as Learning Communities  and the development of CREA- Centro de Recursos para la Escritura Académica, a Resource Center for Academic Writing.